World of tanks tiger 2 matchmaking Matchmaking: my problems

World of tanks tiger 2 matchmaking

Against top tiers the strategy is to play safe, they have more armor, more health and more damage, if you don't have a world of tanks tiger 2 matchmaking for their weak spot then track them and hope that someone that has a good weapon or is at a better position for a shot that can penetrate can take a shot at him.

Jigabachi, on 30 June - This topic Forums Help Files.

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Perhaps this kind of joke has become routine in tier X? Achibot, on 30 June - If you unfollow this topic you will no longer receive any notifications. When you see one, start working on them.

I think it's my worst of all tanks.

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German tanks tend to have good accuracy and more than ever, this is when you should start memorizing the weak spots for each tank if you can, not for personal experience because i have a terrible memory: If the tank is Tier 9, then the match must be at least Tier 9, otherwise you wouldn't be able to get into any match at all.

Mehliveat 10 Posted 19 January - If possible, flank those who you can't penetrate from the front. For example, I don't want to fight Tier 10 enemies in my Ferdinand. Look at how many Tiers are waiting all the time, then you should figure that out yourself.

With the new mm if you had one afk you could probably carry through it and be ok. With lots of HE. If I get defeats in a row I get aggravated and then I start making dumb decisions so I have learned to just shut it dow n.

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I'm doing a little experiment to see how screwed it actually is. I'm getting tired of seing 5or6 heavies on one side and 1or2 on the other.

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Search Advanced Search section: If you think that's bad Try getting placed with tiers 2 levels above you. Do not play peekaboo with IS4's 7's E75 etc In our example let it be 8 from 7 to 9 incl. And lost all of the battles in a row. Not as many as the Tiger does right now. So it would dissuade people from upgrading.

But with the rash of afk's some of us have been dealing with lately it will make it even more difficult for you team when you have your 2 highest tiered tanks be afk. Don't even bother getting support as a heavy it's not coming. No way is it a brawler with tiers IX and X in.

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Community Forum Software by IP. MM is made for making loads of money. Except the KV-2 with mm gun, which does a lot of HE splash damage. Well WG missed the mark with patch 9.

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Tiger is fantastic at arty busting because you can shoot from so far away the second you detect the arty. I had my tiger fully upgraded one week ago and now I think it is a good tank.

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It's a pathetic gun for a Tier 9 to be using. Mehliveat 6 Posted 19 January -

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