Spa pump hook up Spa pump hook up

Spa pump hook up

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Remove the pump cord clamp from the old motor and screw it into the wire access port of the new motor. These are two different wet ends.

Installing a New Spa Pump

Make identical connections to the new pump. Once you can move the pump, position it to give you easy access to the wires coming into the rear of the motor.

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Replace your existing pump with the same size and type spa pump. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Open up the cover plate and you will find 3-wires for a single speed pump, and 4-wires for a two-speed spa pump.

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However, if the wires are not an actual spa pump cord, the colors may be different. Look for FR which indicates frame type 48 or 56HP for horsepower 1 — 5Voltage or and Speed single or dual. Next, you can thread on the union nuts to the new spa pump, making sure that the o-ring is still intact, and has not fallen out.

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This helps cut down on vibration noise. Make sure that your connections are tight, and no wires are touching each other. Hot Tub PumpsSpa Pumps.

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Now, assuming that the spa is drained, or you have valves closed to prevent the water from running out, slowly loosen the union nuts on the incoming and outgoing water connections of the spa pump. When the motor goes, you have a choice — replace just the motor, or buy the entire pump. After shutting off the breaker, test to be sure that power is off, then you can proceed to disassemble and remove the existing pump.

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You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. Make sure that your spa pump hook up kicks on and that everything looks and sounds proper.

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If you have questions on selecting the correct spa pumpplease call or email us! You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site.