Signs he is losing interest dating He Doesn’t Like You Anymore: 16 Signs He’s Losing Interest in You

Signs he is losing interest dating, 9 reasons why men lose interest — and what you can do about it

7 signs he is losing interest in the relationship

The Secret to Harmonious Love. For the love of the planet, keep on moving.

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He does not want to loan you anything right now because the relationship is about to end. Whatcha gonna do about it, lady?

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But from this vantage point, you can see the submerged part of the iceberg. Until then, here are some signs your SO is losing interest, as well as what to do to hopefully fix the problem.

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A note about porn: Living far apart weakens the bond. Is dating just one big game?

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If you ticked almost five and above out of these seven points, then do him a favour by leaving him. Yes, I agree with all these signs!

2. He doesn’t ask you as many questions.

Sometimes guys use their family like a shield. Time to move on. Would you extend that advice to men? Now, things feel a bit forced. Not all relationships are meant to be forever, and sometimes that guy who you thought was perfect at the beginning turns out to be a real troll. Plan date nights galoreand see if they don't bring back that spark.

I was surprised that he took the time to explain why he went pouf in the first place. The Tao of Datingespecially Chapters 8 and onward, cover that extensively.

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It could mean any number of things — your SO isn't taking things seriously, he or she is taking things slow, or they're losing interest. Don't Let It Threaten You!