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What's their name and how old are they? I don't really find anything wrong with that personally, but it's not what I look for. The biggest pet peeve of all, it seemed, was men whose online bios implied they were too good for dating sites - despite using them to meet a partner.

Upvoting posts that you like helps more people in the community see them. That's my requirement for asking then out on a real date. Wtf do you want someone to say?! My last girlfriend was cheating on me so I'm a little insecure right now. We all know the ones I'm talking about.

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I am terrified of being matched with a former- or worse, current! That and the "cheating ex" was a girl he'd dated exactly twice. To this day I'm a little disturbed by how enthusiastic she was about the possibility. The title may contain two, short, necessary context sentences. Playing a musical instrument, especially a folk instrument.

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That being said, a group picture is fine so long as it is not your main picture or the only picture of you that exists on the profile. Kevin Spacey is accused by a second Hollywood figure who claims House of Cards star groped him a Los Angeles pub in Stuntwoman Sophie Faldo is crowned WINNER of Great British Bake Off just hours after judge Prue Leith accidentally gave the game away Leonor of Spain datings profile for her first official solo portrait to mark her 12th birthday - as the monarch gradually prepares the princess for her future role No evil spells here!

Submit a new link. Ladies, what should guys put in an online dating profile in order to be successful? Pay attention to the expression on your face and what you are wearing as well. But I dating profile if I put on my profile, "must puma knives dating guide D-cup sized breasts or larger", there would be a problem. What I always use as the first sentence, which works especially good in the dating apps where theere's little profile information: If there's no real information about you what you do, what you enjoy, what you're passionate about then there's no real way or reason to approach you at dating profile.

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My wife however is a knockout who I am constantly working to deserve. Honestly it was my experience that AFF was no more shallow than many other dating sites. Living in a small city probably does make it a lot tougher. Anything that you feel strongly enough about to write about in all caps in a combative way to open your profile:. A profile that is just joke after joke gives the impression of a person who can't have a serious conversation.

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I also feel like mentioning hanging out with friends and traveling is just a space filler. Don't have an account?

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This is an archived post. What are you gonna do with a guy 9 inches taller than you? Compatibility and the spectrum of cynicism.

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Anyone else have somebody deny it? Im a female and if a woman says she doesnt have female friends cause they are too much drama, usually its the female who attracts said drama. Another guy's first message to me was him offering me his "four and a half inches.