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Razor dating site

The blade system adopted in is still in use today, and was used on razors as well after The types of information include discussions with other collectors and in a large part the frequency with which each model type comes up for availability on eBay. As far as rarity, the Black Dial type is the most rare; maybe four of these exist.

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Razor Date Codes began in and used the same system blades had used sincea razor dating site that identified the year and calendar quarter of manufacture.

If they only come up for sale once every 6 months then not so much.

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The quantity numbers associated with each model type are a gut feel on my part based on various information I have gleaned over the years. JK J Series all U. Again it only came from the factory in a gold plating.

Each of the Toggle lever lengths are different. There were two basic types; either nickel or gold but there is a sub-type.

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Complete sets, including price tags which are the first thing to get thrown outwarranty card next to goshippers also very hard to getinstruction sheets, cases and blades, are very hard to come by and will definitely increase the value of a razor substantially. The second characteristic is the marked adjustment dial positions.

As far as manufacturing dates, the Serial Toggle has a date code of A-3 placing it at the third quarter of The twist-to-open mechanism would become the undisputed top method of opening the head of the razor for blade loading. The Standard Toggle only came in a gold plated version.

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The Darwin case is longer and narrower than the Rolls. Three Types of Bottom Dials. There was a F-4 "Chrome" type Toggle produced in As early as the mid 's Gillette was toying with the idea of a quick opening mechanism.

If there are strange stamping examples, they did not get their own category. For example, if you have tried Slim at "9" and it is just not provide a close enough shave, look at the blade gap amount for the Slim at "9".

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This is a unique razor that I obtained from the great collector Tom Owens, but it did not get it's own standing in the classification system because it's BOM is identical to the D-1 Red Dot Fatboy.

Of the major type Serial Toggle there are a gold plated and a nickel plated sub-types. Each is unique in a special way.

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The first is the gold 1 and the nickel 2. Also, the Executive came with a cream-colored blade "Blue Blades" dispenser and two blade dispensers each sealed in foil with black text printed on each whereas the Executive - same razor - came with a blue-colored blade "Blue Blade" dispenser and two blade dispensers sealed in foil with a picture of the blue dispenser printed on each. However it is a bit of a razor dating site in that both razor 3 and razor 4 share the same BOM but there is indeed a gold plated version.

Also first year of the 9-settings "Gillette Adjustable" aka "Toggle" in the long blue plastic case. And, finally of the major type Chrome Toggle there are gold and a nickel plated sub-types.

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Several models have been made. As a Historical Archive, this website asserts its right to limited use of certain important reference materials under Section Title 17 of the Copyright Act, 17 U. It came in a leather box. The rightmost Chrome Toggle has a "Black Spring" indicator which has two function: