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The West African man always manipulates police officers in the the suburbsbut it is difficult to manipulate officials who have knowledge of the Ewondu husband of West Africa by virtue of dealing with similar cases. That is great news! We must not paint a rosy picture of African men from Africa making good husbands.

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Oh all humans included. Nigerian girls in the Western World do not want us to marry fellow Nigerian women back home. These are mainly your opinions and are not remaining consistent. It isnt american culture to dis her man, it is a white socialist ploy to divide and destroy the family unit where ever you live.

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My sister Lisa, there is no comparing. My marriage has not been peaches and cream, but what marriage is?

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As well the cultural differances are not to be taken lightly. He also might apply for some work in Canada, which is not too far away from me. I recently began conversing with a Nigerian gentleman that I met online, and during our first conversation, he volunteers the information of not being married or having any children.

Theres two ways of looking at it the women of other cultures they meet can not understand the African culture or they theirs. I may pro and cons of dating an african man be lucky. When they grow old and had nobody to marry them, they change turn bi. He also was a big cheater.

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This lady has had a traumatic encounter with her man of choice. However, the african girl gets flack from her parents when she even considers a man of a different race or an american man period.

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He would come and cut my grass! Perhaps those who would rather go home to spouse shop are obviously out of touch because the mates they bring over here are not as naive as they think. This is still the hangover we suffer in this day and age, yes before you say it slavery is over but the stigma still remains. I am not saying that all African or Kenyan men are rotten to the core- but the reality is that a HUGE number of them come from polygamous homes where their mothers and step-mothers were mistreated and beaten like children on a regular basis and so go on create the same situations in their own homes.

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Often times when a man and a woman are friends. My point is that this kind of behavior is accepted from African men — even expected.

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Now I will not say our path has been roses, because it has been challenging, but by far in my opinion African men are the best and has the most to offer…. She expressed her disappointments in a poignant manner.

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