Power supply hookup How to Replace Your Desktop PC’s Power Supply

Power supply hookup

It is learned through trial and error, discovery of the unknown, and many times over being caught in a position of dumbfoundedness hoping to come across a combination of events that lead to a correct solution. We all want a reliable, somewhat affordable, power supply that when pushed to its maximum or just idles for years, continues to perform.

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Take your paperclip and connect one end of it into the part of the connector where the only green wire resides and the other end into the part of the connector where any black wire resides. Two power supply cables plug into the motherboard: Motherboards usually include small four-pin connectors for controlling switches and fans.

Upgrading and Fixing Computers Do-it-Yourself For Dummies

Judge whether you have an understanding of what the computer is composed of and how it works together. This last image displays what the backside of your motherboard can look like with minimal cable ties and good placement of wires running through the cable management holes: Once those two are plugged in then all you have to do is plug in the PCIe 6 pin or 8 pin power connectors the connector depends on your specific graphics card s to your graphics card sas shown in this next image: If he's still plugging in cables he can't exactly take screenshots can he.

This allows the power supply hookup of large cables or multiple cables to be tied together and hidden, cleaning up the look of your case and allowing for better air flow within your case.

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If so, then all is well. The next two images will display this step. If you have any devices that use 4 pin molex connectors make sure they are connected as well.

However, I'm a bit puzzled at where some of the power supply's plugs and cords are supposed to go.

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If the outlet works, exchange the power supply for a new, working one. No one starts out in this world with knowledge of such materials as computers.


Well, extremely easily in fact. If your country uses volts, flip the switch to the volt setting. One of the worst and most annoying things that can happen to anyone replacing a power supply is to get a DOA Dead On Arrival unit without knowing it until you have it completely installed into your computer. Ask a new question. This makes running cables out of sight and hidden behind the back side of the motherboard tray extremely easy and efficient.

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Each cable ends with one of several types of plugs. One good addition is the amount of space provided between the motherboard tray and the opposing side panel. This is due to the rating providing a standard for manufacturers to uphold, and though they have a choice to participate or not, they can get incentives for becoming 80 Plus Certified.

Make sure to have the power supply cable plugged into the wall outlet. There are a few different 80 Plus levels of certification and they are: See the link for very high resolution images.

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At this point your wallet will be feeling a bit empty due to the astringent price attached to any platinum certified power supply. Every month they release empirical data on the differences between a multitude of the power supply hookup computer components and search how certain components differ under specific usage.

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The power requirements of any system the power supply will be placed in. This power supply hookup displays the location of the hole at the back of the computers motherboard tray for the wire to fit through: If your case has the awesome feature of spacing the bottom of your case from the floor and providing some sort of grating for the power supply fan to intake from then place your power supply with its fan facing downward.

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