Ouran highschool host club dating quiz long results Who Is Your Oraun High Schhool Host Club Boy?

Ouran highschool host club dating quiz long results

I think we should put in some roleplay!

what do you like the most out of these?

Ok, what do you look into a guy? I'm quite disappointed in you! Are you Demon or Angel? Which Teen Wolf Character are you Like?

Who is your favorite host?

The Strong Silent Type! I'd blush a lot, then kiss you back.

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I'm very intelligent and I have the highest SAT score in the county. Protective, loyal, and deep. I'm FoxChick and welcome to the Boyfriend quiz! That's sooooo meeeeaaaaan D: I'd kick you off, then hug you slightly as a way of apologizing. I wanna go have some cake now! As long as I don't get too bored.

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Hey wai- Which host is your type? What kind of Mage are you? Daydreamer, prankster, and kind.

Time for one of the most infamous questions!: What is your favorite color?

I, Renge, as the lady manager of the Ouran Host Club, should be the one to present this quiz! I'd squeal with happiness, then kiss you back excitedly!! It was kind of interesting D Do we get to cosplay too? Should you be feared? Beautiful, generous, almost like a princess. May I know you? Which Vampire is your soulmate!

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What does the fox say!!!! You as a cartoon girls. Eh, sure, I'll help. I'd push you away, embarrassed, then yell at you, asking why the heck you did that.

No, you don't mean It wont effect your results. What do you want Tamaki? Which Stranger Things Character are you? Hello fellow HostClub Fan!