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Love Thursday Why sex makes you act irrationally Why do people lose the ability to think well when they need to have sex? Warri for life joor.

Please go to Lagos. Relationship Talk How do I make my relationship fun without sex? Like I said, its healthy to release some heat once in a while.

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Never brag in front of her. If you think the pidgin English is bad for the kids, make him stop at once.

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Always stay true to yourself and never let him commit you to some cause you know nothing about. Men will deceive you to get the honey-pot, whether they are from Lagos or Durban SA. I'm laughing at those guys now.

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In this forum, if you are not Nigerian, if you dont become apologetic, you are on your own. As a guy, your look does not matter much.

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I think that we shouldn't generalise,cause the character of a person,doesn't depend on his nationality. Try to hug but failed Day Head Over Heels Only guys that are crazy in love do these 7 things When you find a man who effortlessly brings these things into your life, you'll literally be flying without wings. For Men 6 conversations you shouldn't have with anyone but bae Every man who datings tips his partner and relationship should learn where to draw the line when conversing with other women.

I mean,for me,u have to be in a relationship at least 3 or 4 years,before u take the next big step,being with a Nigerian or not.

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Romance 5 super-weird things women find attractive in men There are actually datings tips who are attracted to short, talkative guys. Naijaloving helps you connect with tens of thousands of singles who are currently subscribed to our website.

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The only mistake she made was posting in a wrong section because obviously this was made for the "jokes" section. How would you react if your partner stands you up at the altar?