My 18 year old daughter dating older man Teenage Girls And Older Men: What Every Parent Should Know

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Thanks for taking the time to read and share your experiences. Switch to Hybrid Mode. But do you think that this will work? If this becomes to tedious for him, or too babyish, she will see him. It was a constant battle with my mam who tried to keep me her baby and told me what I was and was not doing.

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Either way you win. You seem to be one of the exceptions, a young lady who is mature enough to handle dating an older guy without getting used or mistreated. Originally Posted by rachelellogram. I hate when I am working with a teenage girl and she tells me she is dating an older man, usually because I know that this relationship, while to her may be idyllic and dreamy, is more often a disaster waiting to happen on so many levels.

On the other end of that is my ex. Reviews home Product reviews Pregnancy and birth products Baby and toddler products. Why doesn't she have friends?

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If she's absolutely dependent on him then there will be no consequences for him doing whatever the fuck he wants with her. I have told her that I will give her my opinion. Please write back to what you think I should do, or If you think my mom is right about all this.

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I think there is a world of difference between being 16 and sayto learn so much in those years. Join Date Oct Location england Posts 7, By doing so, you are not harming or raping him. Have her serve snacks that she has made with your assistance.

Top 10 Ways to Handle a Teenage Daughter Who’s Dating an Older Man

Another of my girls fell in love with a 24 year old man when she was If she didn't have enough credits to graduate and it's a surprise to her, that's not something that happens out of the blue.

Now we are married. And you will check. Originally Posted by Little Nemo My suspicion is that a 17 year old is going to outgrow a 25 year old who is interested in dating a 17 year old.

Find all posts by SecondJudith. Tell her why people date. I didn't have friends to visit, no GF and my job was a 25 minute bike ride. She has never mentioned him to me but there are photos of them together on her Facebook.

Top 5 Reasons Women Date Older Men

She feels like a failure because she is one. At 16 and 29 though it's a lot less acceptable and I would question the motives of this man. First, I have a problem with a biological parent who has never had any contact with their child, telling them something like this.

People change a ton in their 20's so hopefully she will learn a lot before having kids with this guy. I my 18 year old daughter dating older man tell you that had my mother flipped and tried to ban us from seeing each other, it just would have made it all the more sweet.

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Love is a verb. One thing to keep in mind when approaching this is somali online dating she's with him because he makes her feel good about herself.

She needs a lot of therapy. What a weird way to express your fantasies.

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Then, I reminded her that where we live, the age of consent is Yes I agree, be her friend and help become strong and independent with new horizons, she may then see him for what he is but ultimately let her make that decision.