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If, when you arrive at a hook up france you change your mind about wishing to stay there and choose to move to a different campsite, it is not reasonable to expect the site owner to refund fees for a pitch which he may well be unable to re-let at short notice. More information is available at www.

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Most sites have similar rules and regulations to ensure a relaxing and harmonious atmosphere. The Euro is now legal tender in all the countries in which we operate holidays, except Switzerland.

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If you happen to have a problem or a complaint whilst you are on holiday, as a first course of action we advise you to speak to the site reception about it. Warrington, Centre of the known World!

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Availability Book on Pitchup. New regulations in Holland now state that everybody from the age of 14 is required to carry their own valid passport at all times. We use cookies to ensure we give you the best experience on our website. If you are considering taking your pet on holiday with you, we recommend that you consult the DEFRA web site which gives detailed and regular updates as to the latest developments. Play Areas Most of our sites have areas equipped with slides, swings, roundabouts etc.

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If not, you are OK. We have tried to give accurate information about shopping, restaurant and take-away facilities. You make one by connecting a plug and socket with a short length of mains cable, but reversing live and neutral at on end.

Use a mains tester about 5 or 6 quid from Maplins to see whether live and neutral are reversed. Company Registered in England no. Clean and modern facilities are top priority when we are selecting a site.

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Pitch sizes The size of pitches vary from site to site and sometimes even pitch to pitch on the same site. Delete all cookies set by this site. We also recommend that you take a mains polarity tester to determine if you have reversed polarity. If they are, use an adapter to reverse them back again. Reversed polarity Reversed polarity can be found on nearly all campsites outside of Ireland and the UK. Check the campsite facilities list for details on wich type of barbecues they permit.

On many of the sites, traditional swimming briefs must be worn. Just be sure about your earth connection. Ratings based on technical specifications, such as sanitation facilities.

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However, where the pitch or accommodation occupancy allows it, you can make a booking for up to 30 adults and 30 children in one booking.

I reversed the Live and Neutral wiring on one of them to deal with reverse-polarity French EHUs only to find on testing the result that I'd reversed an adapter that had already been wired 'backwards'. But like I said not great advice only my experience. Many will offer a service in June and September but with reduced opening hours.

Our Reservations Team will be able to give guide prices and dates of availability, if any of these hooks up france are particularly important to the enjoyment of your holiday.

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Herefordshire - Rapido F 2. Complete the booking form for the first booking you can add a password and save your card so that we remember your details. With reversed polarity the fuse will be in the neutral line so when the fuse blows the equipment will remain live and thus highly dangerous. A problem only arises when the plug fuse blows and you think the equipment is not live.