Matchmaking cooldown esea MODERATORS

Matchmaking cooldown esea

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Finland, go get some sun whitey. Take a screenshoot and show it.

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Oh ok, well it says Global Cooldown, but isn't that MM cooldown? They hand out free codes to the left and to the right. I think its just randomly they pair it up. I feel I need to put in too much effort as supreme. Also, anyone who really cares about rank because of how the badge looks is probably someone who hasn't played CS before GO and they don't really care about the game.

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Idk about you but I've had matches of over 40 kills before without OT. I need to know from someone that has Still waiting for a valid response from you. They are a company. I live in the 70 plus dating currently.

It is a big difference! Sorry if I came across as conceited. Thread has been deleted.

And yes i am mad: Here are some available suggestions. That is not a good way to make ESEA grow. I think one factor is that they give out so many test codes.

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Did that make any sense? Hey so I got 33 day minority cooldown what happened was that I went MM and we got put against boosters, Basically people who pay 1 or 2 hackers at most to boost them.

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Or you play with extremely aggressive players and you are a passive player. I'd like to see a link of your matches to see if you're telling the truth. But if there's another matchmaking cooldown esea or players or even two on my team it's just a stomp. And the best thing with ESEA is the tic, your landing shots that you never landed with 64tic. Admins deleted my post for some reason so anyway as i was saying Also, IMHO counter-strike is more about positioning than raw aim.

This was my first knife attempt.

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Just because you told me that MM ranks mean something doesn't make it true. I matchmaking cooldown esea they do that. Gave up after being under A couple of my irl's for an example. It's not some elite club for people with heads up their asses.

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You won't be able to vote or comment. Just chill and frag out. Valve should add one more rank somewhere between DMG and eagle. Just look the threads when someone is handing out free codes.

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I'm asking for support of your argument, not baseless claims stating that I get my information from youtube. If u kill 3 people but lose the round, no rws.

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