Marry vs hook up The Girls You Hook Up With Vs. The Girls You Marry

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Guys wanting to marry vs hook up up.

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I trust her, and know she wouldn't do anything with anyone else, but it's more of a respect issue to me. The same for a female as well. Edited February 8, by SpiderCyde.

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I hear you, thanks for the advice, we've been arguing about it for a few days. Although no one is forcing her to get a job, she does it with her own free will, which is truly a testament to the kind of woman she is.

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Through every break up She will never leave you to fend for yourself. I classify attractiveness into two categories: As long as each other knows exactly where the other one stands there should be no misunderstandings.

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These type of girls are a high maintenance and they make for horrible wives in the long run. Girls like this make horrible wives, as they will only marry people for status and once they find someone of a higher status, they are out the door. If she has had more boyfriends than jobs, then you are in trouble.

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They are hard to find. No point in categorizing. The girl you only hook up with hates kids and never wants to be around them. Can you imagine sleeping with a guy dating site eden then having him say 'but.

The Girls You Hook Up With Vs. The Girls You Marry

The man you marry meets your parents; the men you hook up with you hide from your parents. My world view says that we go through many stages and down many roads in life. Register a new account.

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I'm only into the marriage types, I don't know my brain just won't let me near the other types, as soon as I have an opportunity with the two others and all the lights are green they will suddenly start to repulse me to no end and I will not want to go near them as a result. I'm a believer in personal freedom. Most of us grow up and mature and life in the "fast lane" gets old after awhile.

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Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube. I am trying to better my life and some guys are still stuck in the old fashion ways where women are supposed to stay at home and do the wifely duties.

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Fyi lang sa mga babae, malaking points ang marunong magluto at mahilig sa bata. But she has to learn to meet you half way and if she isnt willing to do that, you seem like a man who knows what he wants, so I say go find you a nice woman that is willing to do this for you. They don't want to deal with you, other than for a couple of hours These types are interested in predominantly no commitment, no real attachment, just casual sex, temporary marry vs hook up and a one night stand.

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If we don't make it, at least I will have learned a few things about myself and what I need to work on. Because you both have a lot in common but also there is a few differences between each other to keep the curiousity up there a little bit.

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As a man, you will come across countless women in your dating career.