Julie and falen dating Julie And Falen Sitting In A Tree

Julie and falen dating

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I think Tina is one of the prettier and dating members. How to send confessions: Good looking girls with money and aren't ratchet ass hos are always perceived as stuck up. Her bf is also pictured. How his brother confirmed it on twitter?

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Anyone remember how not even a month after their split she was dating nathan? Lmao, she does look like an ant!.

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Falen claims she's not really into girls, but I think she may have immigrated to Egypt. Anyone remember how she dated and cheated on Jai?

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Send in some bad girls club confessions and some questions x. I called it from day one when I called her fake. She was also kinda creepy with the way she was so aggressive in trying to hook up with the girls. Failure to do this will result in your message being deleted.

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YouDidn'tKnow Apr 7 Again her and sean were barely broken up for 2 weeks before those rumors started circulating. I liked how she tried to play it off though.

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Members Member 8, Joined: Apr 8 Zulu and Rocky are dating now. I can't even recognize her slightly!

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Notice she wrote this because everyone kept saying how she was probably dating her backup dancer Ricky. Zuly's basically a man trapped in a woman's body and that shit's not attractive!.

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On top of that thy jumped her too! Anon, I just meant Falen is in denial about liking girls not that she lives in the land of pyramids. How do they remind anyone of the wolf pack if they haven't even been seen on tv yet??

I dig her style, but I think she looks like an ant. I dont remember Zuly sleeping with anybody but Falen and Rima Also, I some how came across this Zuly and Julie old twitter beef http: Plus, I love that she's from the bay. Erica from season 8 is still together with her boyfriend, wow.

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