Intellectconnect dating site The Ultimate Geek Dating Guide: 50+ Awesome Resources

Intellectconnect dating site

ScientificMatch — This site uses your actual, physical DNA to measure your compatibility with other singles at the genetic level. From casual dating to long-term love, your guide to making the most of your relationships….

5 online dating sites for geeks and gamers

Some of the language is a bit NSFW. A welcome change from most dating sites… The Right Stuff — Even more exclusive than intellectConnect, The Right Stuff only allows members who are students, alumni, and faculty members at the most elite universities.

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MeetMoi — Not designed specifically for geeks, MeetMoi is actually a location-based mobile dating service. Are they really breaking that often? OmniDate — While not targeted exclusively towards geeks, OmniDate offers a virtual dating experience, complete with character avatars and interactive environments.

So, when that bespectacled, Halo t-shirt-wearing blow-up doll stops doing the trick, stroll on over to five dating sites that cater to geeks and gamers. Not sure if you will still update this post, but http: Thank you for linking to my site, too!

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Sort of like normal speed dating, but participants select who they want to date from a batch of iPhones, then send a message via the iPhone asking that person out. This much talked about dating service matches Apple fanboys and girls together to avoid the dating rainbow pinwheel of death read: The Ultimate Geek Dating Guide: Now there are a huge number of dating and social networks designed just for geeks.

Dating Sites for Geeks

Do you love museums? On Being Good In Bed — This guide is designed to show geeky guys how to be better in dating site, but the advice could apply to any guy who want to improve his bedroom skills. Wow, what a great and comprehensive!

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This service specializes in taking top-quality dating pictures designed to make you look your best. Finding a honest girl is hard enough nevermind dating site able to play some xbox with them!!

This post goes into much more detail and dishes a variety of great tips on making your geek relationship work. It requires a paid membership, but you can easily get started warangal dating a free profile to browse their listings and see if anyone strikes your fancy.

Sweet on Geeks — Another extremely popular geek dating site, the creators of Sweet on Geeks are PR machines with a knack for getting the site featured in mainstream media like this review from Boston. Ian Berry February 8,8: It has tons of members and more girls than most non-geek dating sites a major plus for you guys.