Hook up light fixture How To Install a New Light Fixture

Hook up light fixture

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The temperature rating of your existing wires will affect which type of fixture you can install. Reader's Digest Taste of Home Recipes. The third copper colored wire is the ground wire.

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How to Wire a Three-Way Switch. Even if you've never tackled an electrical project before, you can install a ceiling fixture by following the DIY advice and photos in this story.

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In 35 years, he's gained expertise in all phases of residential construction, retrofit and remodeling. William Machin began work in construction at the age of 15, while still in high school. Position all the wires to one side of the crossbar.

Remove the old fixture and inspect the wiring

Turn off the power at the main circuit panel before continuing. His hobbies include horses, motorcycles, road racing and sport fishing. Turn off the power to the light fixture at the main circuit panel. Connect the wires Connect the hook up light fixture wire from the light fixture to the neutral white wire s in the box.

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Multiply this figure by 2 for hook up light fixture wire and 2. Lock the threaded pipe in this position by tightening the locknut against the crossbar.

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Secure it with the decorative nut to complete the installation. In most cases, the nuts are the same color, such as red, yellow or black. Skip to main content. But poor installation techniques can result in a potentially lethal shock or fire.

Do the same with the black ones. These connect to the corresponding black and white electrical wires that run from the switch to the electrical box where the existing fixture is installed. Turn the power on and test for hot Turn the power to the light back on at the main circuit panel the light switch is still on.

Most ceiling boxes are large enough: Installing a new light fixture is a great way to instantly change a drab room into a dazzling one. While the light only has a black and white electrical wire, some manufacturer's include an addition wire nut because these are easy to misplace when installing a light.

Project overview

You'll see white wires at one side of the switch and black wires attached at the other side. Change a drab room into a dazzling one with a new overhead light fixture.

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Twist the exposed parts of the white wires together clockwise, then screw the wire nut onto the ends. Wrap the wire at least three-quarters of the way around the screw in a clockwise direction.