Halo 4 banned from playing matchmaking Banned from halo 4 matchmaking

Halo 4 banned from playing matchmaking, join our halo communities

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Because of this, when weboth play halo and use mics, we have to mute each other or else suffer through the "echo" of hearing or voices twice. There are a variety of actions that can result in a ban. Excessive vulgarity may result in a voice ban.

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Matchmaking bans prevent players from participating in Xbox Live matchmaking. Posted 02 January - My account was banned from gaining XP, i'm not sure if this was a week ban or a permanent ban. Will he eventually be banned from matchmaking, thereby banning me? I halo 4 banned from playing matchmaking care about credits, I really don't, but what happens if I continue to let my 4 year old play?

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Can anyone help me? Posted 01 August - Try restarting your router. It seems to me that being muted by somebody who is in your party shouldn't have any weight in a voice chat ban, because if there was a real problem, they wouldn't stay in your party. Posted 04 November - This is so unfair! The ban prevents players from playing any form of online Multiplayerincluding Matchmaking and even Custom Games ; it also prevents players from organizing parties in the Theater lobby. Well one way to solve this problem is not to quit So you guys are gonna quit because you're absolutely dominating the other team?

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The above policies were enacted during July of If you promise to stop by clicking the Agree button belowwe'll unblock your connection for now, but we will immediately re-block it if we detect additional bad behavior.

If you quit 6 games in arow, or something like that. Log In Sign Up.

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Click here if you'd like to come and hang out with us! I'm not currently affected by it, nor do I care much about the ban, but for those others who do use the mic and talk in-game; it is really stupid to take someone's mic away in a game based around team play because it sells for its multiplayer features. Contents [ show ].

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So when I played matches it gave me double xp per credit I had. Thanks for looking out for us, it's nice to know you have our interests in mind. I never even talked to other teams?

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I even made 2 new friends on XBL while playing. I was playing Halo 4 online yesterday, when I was dropped from the game, and given 2 messages: Our new public Discord server is now live! Posted 03 January - Hi my account was also banned from matchmaking.

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Hi i was wondering why has my friend been banned from using communications on halo 4 for 1 week when they didnt even talk and is there a specific reason for this because my friend has gotten very angry and upset because there xbox live is about to run out and he cant talk i am also quite mad becuase i was going to join a party with him and now i cant due to the communication ban please help and respond quick thanks ;].

I just started up playing again recently and the double XP was still there since the time I stopped playing. My 4 year old was not credit farming AFKing, he is just a 4 year old.

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It's happened to me. He likes running around and shooting the gun, sometimes it is at an enemy, sometimes its at the wall, he doesn't really care.