Dating mexican fenders Mexican Fender Serial Numbers

Dating mexican fenders

I was hoping somebody could help me with a serial number query I have? Your name or email address: Fender Stratocaster Guitar Forum. Ensenada plant in NorthShoreJan 30, Someone will be along later I'm sure who can help with your MIM guitar.

How Old is My Mexican Fender Stratocaster?

You are using an out of date browser. BatocasterFeb 1, Their service was great.

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Home guitar dating mexican fender serial numbers. I hope that wasn't too confusing for you.

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To differentiate these guitars from the American guitars, Fender decided to add an "M" in front of the serial numbers that stood for Mexico. They usually reply within a few hours on weekdays. Electric Building Articles fret leveling bars.

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As with all Fender serial numbers, the Mexican Fender serial. This way the dating mexican fenders of origin and the date of production can be coded into the serial number.

1990 - 1999 Mexican Fender Serial Numbers

And that means we all have opinions about it. AfterFender switched its Mexican serial number system to "MZ " numbers. How the fuck do you SJW faggots keep appearing on this site.

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Log in or Sign up. The best thing to do when one wants to check a serial number is to email Fender. Previous NextLevel of difficulty: With an illustrious history dating back toFender has touched.

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If you want detailed info, just email the SN to Fender and they'll tell you the day it left the factory along with all the options. The number 10 was supposed to represent the first year of the second decade in the new millennium.

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Offshore AnglerAug 1, Now it's time to get back to playing! Well, then comes The first two letters following the "MX" serial numbers indicate the year of production.

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