Dating guys the same age Here's why you should NEVER EVER date a guy your own age!

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I went on that date and many more for the next 6 months. Check out my Yahoo! But men your own age have so much more to offer!

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How do I go about asking my boyfriend to be his sex slave? What Guys Said 0. Many single gals over 40, 50 or 60 look fantastic.

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How do I do it? So it just depends on the girl, but personally I prefer older guys.


The two worlds are totally different. Click to view 20 images. A difference in life stage can create irreconcilable differences since you want different things.

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Charlotte GraysonKatherine Mirani. It depends on the girl, I'm 26 and I date a 32 year old.

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Now, providing for ourselves financially, money has afforded women the freedom to look for love outside the traditional, older, "provider" type of man, or even a peer partner. That won't be as much of a problem if you are closer in age. I finally hav a relationship dat works when I open my mouth he gets it Rewind 2 yrs older guys r a waste of time am wiser now this is wat works for me swallow with caution might not work for everyone.

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If you both are same age and still young, than it is highly likely that you earn almost the same amount of money. You cannot undo this action.

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In your 30s, you are still working hard to prove yourself and striving for the success you've dream of. So i prefer older.

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I'm 21 and guys around my age usually expect sex in a relationship and I'm really not ready to just do it with someone who I've only known for a month or so. We make it easier!

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The USA is a youth-obsessed culture; but, in other cultures, with age comes respect. Surprisingly, the men grew tired of dating younger women, and decided to look for women closer to their own dating guys the same age. Girls, would you date a guy who's same age as you? Let's face it, more years means you've been around and know a few things that the younger people will learn later in their own time. Also close this question Not now Select. It depends on how mature the person is and the person has to be smarter than me or else, it's not gonna work.

Don't get me wrong; I am not saying you can't find lasting love with someone younger. I viewed him as being established in his career and financially better off than most of the men my age.