Dating guys in bands 15 Things You Should Know Before Dating a Musician

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I gig weekly and I'm a lawyer. But that's just me. K, this is silly.

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Swap numbers and go on a date sometime. Musicians aren't poor because they're lazy and unemployed. A few years ago, I had to swear off dating musicians.

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Get on my level because I'm never going to stop talking about these people. Maybe they're mostly sad or mostly anxious or mostly alienated or introspective.

Yes you should see the girls that follow them, they scream the shrillest screams you could ever hear, and throw their hands around like they are at some kind of religious event.

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In fact its rather sexist of yiu to assume their are no female musicians. I knew I saw this before. Like your going to sleep in the back of a van and eat ramen for 4 datings guys in bands straight!?

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I only meant to put the question-asker at ease as far as the probability of the guy spending any serious time on the road engaging in nightly bachnalian free-for-alls. I know where I stand in the priorities lineup and I don't like it. So you just copied something that has been already created and floating around the internet for many years and taking credit as your own?

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No wonder the world doesnt have hardly any real MEN in it. He carries an instrument on his back while riding his bike to band practice. A mixture of personal taste and pure lifestyle jealousy, these guys were my jam, no pun intended.

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Also, please work my merch table because Gary canceled tonight. He probably is thinking more about sex then a relationship.

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