Dating divas i love you because 100 Things I Love About You

Dating divas i love you because

I found your husband basket on Pinterest. I am lucky enough to be married to my true complement. Together we enjoy traveling the world, and, of course, going on creative dates! I will have to take some of the ideas from here.

Do you have access to that? I am madly in love with three men 1 big and 2 little!

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I have though about doing a gift basket for my husband but never knew what to put in it. Then you write the love note on the glass, which with an EXPO would allow you to write as many notes as you want.

Then get new ideas every week! Shan- I love that you use this as a reminder to get milk!

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To print off your own sticky note designs, just click the link below! All you need is the free printable, a black frame and an expo marker.

I want to try all ur ideas but forcing myself to spread them out! You divas are awesome!! Kayla, I have been looking through our past files for this file in a.

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Thanks for such a cute idea! I just wanted to let you know. Paige I am madly in love with three men 1 big and 2 little!

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I sure do love a note from my husband. Does it enlarge pretty well? Love you guys and all your wonderful ideas!!!!! I put down my email in the required fields before sending this.