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IMO, dating should just be part of a greater personal meeting website, where anyone can talk and just be friends if they prefer.

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If I dating chronic fatigue to do such a thing I would be sure to dating chronic fatigue my cane, too. They both continued to treat me normally. We build our relationships familiar matchmaking flight rising scratch, sometimes in spite of feeling we fall short of what we're "supposed" to be.

A Dating / Get Together Site for FM and ME/CFS?

I think "unexploited niche" is a good summary, but I also think it's been unexploited for a reason. If you aren't working right now, try to spend some time with friends who are also deliberately not working, and try to meet their friends who are doing the same thing. And there certainly are some pluses to being single--especially around pacing and emotional stability.

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How do we go about this? Will you face some challenges because of entering into a relationship with someone with these conditions?

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Victor MaaloufApr 19, I had no idea what. I thought, I really need to stop dating anyone and do what I had been doing but more of it.

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I wanted "new, more, different" in my life and the quickest way to get that is to be a serial dater with no idea of what I was looking for and why.

With care, someone with these conditions may still be able to have a fulfilling sex life. That's confirmed by brain scans in which the pain centers light up like crazy. Being with somebody who is also disabled, but in a different but compatible way, can be really great.

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When the night ended, I was flush with anger and upset, and we argued well into the next morning. While you may freely discuss your troubles, you should not look to the Website for information or advice on such topics.

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But after reading a blog post about a couple one with chronic illness it really helped see that I bring value to the relationship too. I broke it off, not due to my own illness, just due to it not working. Not with Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome!

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In journaling I found that I was upset with my best friend who had gotten into a new relationship and was suddenly unavailable. And yes, this does include sex.

If you made a whole section, not just a little blip, dedicated to people meeting one another, with chat rooms, then one section from that section can be dedicated to people who want to actually date. And I should have packed it in there. I had resigned myself to simply not dating for a while, but fortunately this happened anyway.

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It's natural to be afraid of doing it too soon. Miller RR, et al.