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Dating birmingham proof marks

Sample photos of their layouts are at the bottom of the page.

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Afterthe last two digits of the 4-part serial number. Typical German proof date code: Month and Year in Roman numerals until The symbols have been gathered from a large number of sources including magazine and book illustrations, the drawings themselves are all my own work. This gun shows proof marks only used between and Ferlach, Austria year code. London nitro proof s A Paradox type gun showing bullet weight and rifled choke marks Proof marks are normally on the barrel flats. Proof Masters in London and Birmingham can be contacted at the addresses below:.

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Sans-serif Roman numerals from untilthen a two-letter code surrounded by a small rectangle as per the chart below. Proof marks from a pin-fire showing marks; the first time the bore was stamped at proof.

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Most are black silhouettes, but some of those that have been produced from photographs have a quasi 3 dimensional appearance that requires the onlooker to imagine that the light source is in the top left hand corner of the screen. Multiple proof marks on a gun re-proved three times. The earliest marks have been removed. During the s a dating birmingham proof marks letter code was adopted, in Ariel typeface, where the first letter is the month code, the second and third letters are the year code.

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The table below can be used to see if your gun was proofed in London or Birmingham. Indicates that a barrel has undergone a special proof for heavier loads than normal. The proof house's number, followed by a dot, then by a 2-digit number for the year, as: Amongst proof marks are codes enabling one to determine the date of manufacture of many guns.

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Birmingham Proof in context. From only in inches, between in inches or in mm.

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In cases where I cannot be certain of relative sizings the grid will be omitted. When they were made, all British guns had to be subjected to proof testing they still are to ensure that they were fit for purpose. The earliest show rules, then