Dating antique copper pots AAA Publishing

Dating antique copper pots

Collecting Antique Copper

I wonder if this might have been a dating antique copper pots prop for some Civil War buffs. For example this one http: I do find copper pots confusing and I guess others have too.

Reproduction copper is thinner and sometimes not even copper. Since tea was originally only for the wealthy, so were the first kettles, which were usually made of silver. Draft saved Draft deleted.

I have 8 or 9 but tell you the truth, I do not cook with them any more. Some of the main manufacurers of French kitchenware marked their products with a company stamp. Summer is in full swing, which hopefully means trips to the park or the beach. Also on that one the "yellow" solder is perfectly flat and in new condition.

While handles were functional, coppersmiths were master tradesmen who took pride in their work so handles will be finished, not chopped off. Items had to be re-tinned, so look for some evidence of tinning, however slight.

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It's still pretty heavy for cooking in. Any way to tell age or much of anything? Semi-circular half-kettles were put on a trivet with their flat side snuggling close to the grate, but their sharp angles made them difficult to air. My pot has been used quite a lot as much of the tin lining is wearing away but you can use a pot a lot in a few years especially if you stick it over a fire.

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It weighs a ton. Antique copper was functional; there should be evidence of wear in appropriate areas such as worn feet and hinge areas.

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Hollow rivets were not introduced until the late 19th century. The numbers were used to tell the pans apart in a busy kitchen. Rivets could be made from a variety of materials, but the most common ones are made of copper. From the first, kettles were an indispensable item of tea-making equipment.

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You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Before tea became the national drink, water had always been heated in large iron cauldrons suspended over an open fire. It is easily hammered and formed. I dating antique copper pots use my Gram's cast iron skillet and Dutch oven but use my Farberware and Corning white almost daily.

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By the time Victoria was firmly seated on her throne, tea was served above and below stairs. Through the middle ages, copper was used as hearth-ware.

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Copper kettles were flat-bottomed to stand on the newly developed hob grate or range. If you have a very large pot with very tiny handles, it is probably a reproduction.