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Bilingualism and multilingualism are common in Amazonia, where the Achuar and Canelos Quichua intermarry, and there is increasing intermarriage among people in diverse language families. Fish farming primarily trout and tilapia and shrimp farming are important sources of food and income. A striking example of the preservation of. The mother nurtures the children and manages the household; the father legally provides for the family and the home.

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Archaeological and colonial arts are considered national treasures. Two cordilleras split the nation into coastal, Andean, and Amazonian regions.

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The Spaniards introduced their language as they imposed dating and marriage traditions in ecuador rule, but Quichua continued to spread. Procedure of official marriage registration. I love this site! In recent years there has been an explosion of NGOs serving the interests of numerous groups, mainly grass—roots ethnic—, gender—, and labor—based.

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History, people, clothing, traditions, women, beliefs, food, customs, family No. A unifying force between about and was a conservative—Catholic alliance aimed at infrastructural development and consolidation of the blanco elite's position against that of the army, which was filled with blacks and mestizos.

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In both areas full-scale revolts occurred, with the "Zambos" of the northwest coast and the Quijos and Jivaroans of the Amazonian region resisting all attempts of Spanish incursion. National identity emerged historically in several sectors. Food Customs at Ceremonial Occasions. Respeto respect is the key to etiquette across all of the class and ethnic divisions and between the genders.

Poor people have little recourse to police help, and the idea and practice of justicia por propia mano "justice by one's own hand" is increasingly prevalent. Identity as Ecuadorian has many key symbols.

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The Inca, whose northern leader in the s was Atahualpa, probably introduced Quechua, as Quichua, into Andean Ecuador, and they certainly promoted its usage as a political lingua franca. Thank you for such a formidable site with superior knowledge and emotion on Ecuador and her people, especially my dulzura. The cultural and political differences between the Coast and the Sierra are great, and each region may constitute a political— economic bloc that severely impedes a national consensus on tips dating your ex again of critical collective concern.

Home Country Guides Ecuador Guide. I am American and my father was Ecuadorian. Probably 50 percent or more Ecuadorans produce their own food.

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As an American born Latina of Ecuadorian descent- I found this scholarly survey of the country quite accurate excluding a handful of forgivable errors.