Dating ammo boxes Dating Cartridge Boxes by Peters Cartridge Company

Dating ammo boxes

Foreign copies have also been observed.

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This box has a clamp on each end of the lid and a dating ammo boxes gasket. The cartridges were laid out in rows separated by paper strips and had to be loaded individually into links, 8 round M-1 clips or BAR magazines.

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The NSN is Descriptive nomenclature and model number of the dating ammo boxes. Linked belts were also supplied in ammunition cans. A sample of top marking symbols found on M19A1 boxes.

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The box has the same lid as the M2A1. Many small arms ammo boxes have appeared on the surplus market recently, that while in excellent condition, were released only a year or two after manufacturer.

The tops were generally shaped to receive the base of another box of the same type for better stacking. By far the most common maker of small arms ammunition boxes in recent years has been S.

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Some sources say that at least some M19 boxes lack the slot on the bottom that was designed to accommodate the handle of another box when stacked. Boxes may have lot numbers or repacked lot numbers. One type made in Singapore uses a rolled crimp, similar to the M1 box, for the bottom.

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Similar boxes have been observed that had been used for 8, M proximity fuses. Thanks to Todd K.

It was then reloaded with rounds of 7. There are several types of ammunition boxes based on the M2A1 design that have the same length and width as the M2A1 but differ by being higher.

This one is for. At left is the instruction sheet for the belt loader.

Other combinations such as linked belts and cartridges in cartons were also shipped in this manner. The Drawing Number is Four M19A1 boxes showing different styles of company logo marking. The later style M2A1 box and lid by S.

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M Box - A plastic ammo box for 30, linked 25mm Cartridges probably for the Bradley fighting vehicle gun. The top with Winchester-format lot number 8 2 29H, equates to 29 August PA Box - For 25mm linked cartridges.