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He wants me to think of my 7 year old daughter, but she has a heart of gold.

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It was funny, witty, intelligent, etc. The thing to do thereafter is to not give up and be persistent. He always has to outdo me with his problems.

I also wonder what it like to have relationship with a person with a disability.

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A week after this happened my husband was the online dating market with my bestfriend in our bed. I feel so sorry for that lady whose mind is closed,she has no idea what she's missing out on. Had my daughter May We have known each other for 31 years but, we were separated for many years. Just because my other half broke his neck, is no excuse for us, two people to dating a quadriplegic man the shit out of each other. Dating someone in a wheelchair Posted by Dale on Jan 6, 1: Next time you go for a walk, bike ride, or drive, take a look around you.

Both physically and emotionally, my then year-old mother was to her breaking point.

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I stood by him as he graduated with his Bachelor's Degree in Political Science, I was with him while he had a bone removed from his foot to keep a persistent pressure sore at bay. And that people truely are willing to dating a quadriplegic man when there are to many stairs to handle alone or swapping places in restaurants ok, sometimes it can be really annoying when people are TOO helpful sometimes.

All that matters to me is what God has to say. Chris was shot in the neck while on duty in serving involuntary commitment papers to remove a 60 year old woman from her home. He was there when I had 25 stitches removed from my arm, when I had a cancerous mole removed.

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So this is what I think. He was still doing his usual crap.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

United States View my complete profile. I have had a few long term relationships with kind souls He has always been a cheater, a liar, a user… Any girl who so much as winked at him he would flirt back.

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If I have I certainly did not intend to. So, the blessing is that I get a chance to meet many more peopl. If your answer is yes i dont know where your head is but you have no concept of what a romantic relationship is supposed to be like.

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He was supposed to leave an hour later but had friends leaving at that moment so he decided to get a head start. She was persistent, and we talked often on the phone.

We spent the first 3 months in good old intensive care otherwise known as prison with me doing the chest physio, just about to have our son.

If you are in a wheelchair due to a spinal cord injury and would like speak to me about your experiences or give me any suggestions on what you feel is missing out in the market please let me know. We got together in May My cat disappeared one day for over a week and I thought he was dead. Still took her time to trust and believe it because others had been down right verbally abusive about it.

Any incite from anyone would be greatly appreciated.

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I am not making as much as I was before at my old job but it is just a few months old my new business. Although I no longer can be a floor nurse, working neuro surgery like I did prior to the accident, I still have a rewarding job as a MDS Coordinator, by ensuring the geratric residents at our facility get the very best medical care possible.

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That is the only thing that makes me sad. My sex drive is insane. Posted by JMS42 on Jan 11, 4:

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