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On a lighter note, there's a saying that goes: Now fast-forward 3 years. The money is going to be salient and precise, it has decimals. You want them actually to be thinking about something.

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There was actually a really sad study showing that in the U. Sure, based on probability you are better off with certain strategies than others. We're just thinking with our econ caps on.

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I assume the girl who started dating him at age 22, was especially drawn to him because she figured it would turn serious since my friend was already After all, it can't be 'rational' for us to date douchebags -- or CAN it?

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The grass is greener where you water it.

So yes, women love tall men to a crazy amount in my mind, but the way that the search engine works exaggerates this bias. The economics of online dating. We are no stranger to this concept because we all noticed this affecting us as early as high school.

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This helps explain why we keep going behavioural economics dating douchbags time and time again. If you hear yourself saying, "He's being so sweet for remembering my name this time after sex," maybe think about what bad behaviors he's normally doing to have lowered your standards so much.


This could indicate that behavioural economics dating for older guys is a bad plan because the older guys who are open to dating really young girls are probably like my friend and are hoping you won't want anything serious. I must be afraid.

So, does that matter? You mentioned pay earlier.

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What do you think? What not to put on your online dating profile Kristen Doerer: There are many examples of nudges for hand-washing, treatment adherence, in-store interventions for purchasing vegetables etc.

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Car manufacturers are already doing a lot to prevent drivers from not wearing a seat-belt or driving way above anime dating games online speed limit. There are fewer and fewer potential guys for you to date.

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Trending Now Watch Oct 31 Social media giants are vulnerable to foreign propaganda. What is it about online dating makes us roll our eyes? They'll first show us a crappy, expensive house. A recently published article on the limitations of nudges can be found here: