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Or, if you need to know how to remove the drain flange, click here. First, here is a quick overview of the drain assembly, so you know how all of the parts connect. Before you begin, make sure you have enough room to fit the bathtub through the doorway. Learn all about bathtubs including how to remove and replace bathtub overflow hookup.

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Fasten shorter ledger boards to the ends of the enclosure, level with the board you install on the back wall. This information is general, and may not suit all applications.

With a notched bathtub overflow hookup, spread a 2-inch layer of mortar on the subfloor where the tub will sit. Before you buy, check the dimensions of a new tub so that it will fit in the same spot as the old one.

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Simply squeeze the gasket into one side of the drain, then push the other side into place. Secure the flange to the studs by driving 1-inch galvanized roofing nails through the holes in the flange. Planks of wood underneath the tub feet can help spread the weight. If you have any misgivings about doing it, hire a plumber who has the experience to install it and the license to hook up the fixtures. With time and use, a bathtub stopper may cease to block the water flow efficiently. How to Replace a Bathtub 14 Photos. This how-to guide is intended to provide a basic understanding of how to remove a bath tub drain flange, and may not cover all circumstances.

Turn off the water supply.

Placing the ledger board

How to Install a New Bathtub. To do so, use a flathead screw driver to gently pry out the old bathtub overflow hookup. Your excess putty can be put back into the container to be used another time. Secure the stopper fit in place using dating site predators fittings provided Image 3. Lift the bathtub in place and insert the drain and water pipe assembly into the drain Image 4. A bathtub drain flange is the finished drain part in the tub that is visible to users.

Decorative cast-iron tubs may be candidates for reclamation. Do this carefully, so as not to squeeze the gasket underneath the tub out of place.

The main difference when installing a bath is that it may be large and heavy, and access to the plumbing can be difficult. Keep in mind, when attempting to complete a plumbing project yourself, it is possible to "open a can of worms" and you will want to be prepared if your simple project suddenly gets out of hand.

Cast-Iron Bathtubs

Another consideration with very large tubs is whether you will be able to maneuver it through your home to the bathroom. Sign Up for More No Thanks.

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If the bathtub is not an exact fit, the piping will have to be modified for the new bathtub. Most bathrooms will have an access panel behind the tub, or you may be able to access the plumbing through a crawl space in or under the home. Also, the connection needs to be tight to prevent leaks, but you do not want to tighten this too much as you would risk cracking the tub or breaking the seal.

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Once the flange is carefully threaded into the first few threads of the drain shoe, use the Smart Dumbell to tighten the flange into the drain bathtub overflow hookup. Install the rubber gasket on the bathtub overflow tube, and attach it to the tub Image 2.

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When installing a cast-iron tub, ensure that its weight is evenly distributed across several floor joists. In some cases, you may need to reinforce the joists below. There are many variables to consider when it comes to different homes and plumbing applications.

Place a rubber washer on the overflow drain and install the overflow cover with the screws provided.

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Anatomy of a Bathtub.