3 point hook up post hole digger 3-Point Post Hole Digger

3 point hook up post hole digger

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So the guide bar was really either meant to be used from back here, which today it'd be really kind of considered unsafe, and then also you could put it where it came up through here, where the operator could hold the bit straight, but that was for when tractors didn't have live lift on them, like an 8N Ford. This heavy duty digger is made for tractors up to 30HP.

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If you are looking to dig post holes to put up new fencing, we have the right 3 point post hole digger for your tractor.

As long as you're in dirt, your auger should dig, and you should never, never, never get back here and try to hang on this or be anywhere around it.

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Danuser 2" round hole digger head bits range from 4" to 24" in diameter. Their boom is much shorter.

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So your drive shaft is going to turn four times to every one time the shaft turns. So this is the fastest box, as far as the auger speed. We recommend no bigger than a 12 on that box and up to an 18 on that one.


You shouldn't ever have to cut the shaft on a post hole digger. It has the smaller gearbox or the bigger gearbox with a little bit of gear ratio difference. It's easier to bend. Our Gear Boxes are now available as replacement parts Free ground shipping to your door within 1, miles!

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As it got worse, we ended up with our own manufacturing facility, and just we make almost everything now. This has the PHD 26 box. You can do whatever.

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You want all of these shields to be in place. But what it also is. This is called a compact, and it's for two reasons.

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Now, this is on a class-one tractor. We have many holes on here, on the top of this right here, and that does two things.