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Related Questions 16 year old dating a 25 year old? In fact there's 30 years between my parents. However, you can change your cookie settings at any time.

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He is far to old to be dating a child. Your post may be removed or redirected.

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I met my DH at 14, he was For some it will help fuel the long-standing debate over whether the voting age should be lowered to 16 across the UK. One thing I asked of my daughter is to not allow herself to give up the plans she has for the near future. Ian is likely immature with regard to his romantic relationships considering, as OP suggested, he's a virgin.

He wasn't a predator and I can vouch for that although I never really accepted the relationship.

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God what a liberty he took. She's never had many friends but quickly made heaps of friends with people her age to people in the thirties men and women.

Pedophilia refers to a sexual orientation towards prepubescent children.

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Rasputin Pro-Member Total Posts: Here are some available suggestions. A 16 year old today looks more like a 12 year old from what Ive seen.

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I've always stayed in the three year age range. If not, don't worry about it. You just have to use your judgement, and listen to friends and family and people who know him. Hes a pedophile and he should had been jailed years ago, I totally believe this story.

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Are you a caregiver or nanny? They couldn't get their life together, would've struggled to find a woman their own age who would tolerate them, and didn't have a plan or goals for a future.

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Is he 22M interested in me 19F? View your post below. Dating Advice Age difference relationships.

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But the current social climate is for children to stay at school or in vocational training until If he's really meant to be with her then they can wait to be together once she has grown into adulthood. Advice on everyday issues Replies: If someone is breaking one of our rules report the comment, so our moderators can remove it. Social Work university courses Replies: The BBC has updated its cookie policy.