16 year old boy dating older girl Son dating older girl

16 year old boy dating older girl

But, with this guy I guess it's different; anyways, a couple weeks ago at homecoming, I came late because of dance.

Dear Stop It Now!

To be honest at 15 I'll make a judgement call and take maturity and responsibility into consideration. The biggest cure for your issue is going to be time. I recently flew to florida to be with him for a long weekend.

But I asked if he wanted to take pics with me, and he immediately started dragging me everywhere -showing dating past tense. My thought wasn't that she was immature.

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It was kind of adorable. Temptations of the Single Girl: A link that might be useful: Just please don't assume there's major problems with the girl because of this until you know her full story. Age with in reason does not discriminate love. Who knows - maybe she's had problems socially making friends and is more comfortable with people who are not her age.

Dear Concerned Parent,

This relationship is more than just sex. Tell your son you go by CA rules! Dog is a bit too overprotective of my kids. View first unread post What do you wish you'd known about sex, sexuality, and relationships in 16 year old boy dating older girl school? Then I got to know the boy more and I was very impressed with his maturity level.

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Unfortunatly the endless rules we have made about the whole situation and the NO going in the car alone thing doesn't always work like in this case the kids are like OK No one has ever made me this happy. Do they go to the same school or is he is junior high and she in high school?

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Blog Design by New Legend Media. If it was right or not. They have been dating quite awile and he just got his license about 6 weeks ago, but he doesn't have a car. Still, she is socially ahead of your son, she will expect the same things from him romantically as she would of a boy her own age.

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I am shocked to see that there are other women going through the same thing as me. I feel this is the most loving, most honest, caring, mature relationship I have ever been in. In my experience, these things usually work themselves out, but you do have to be keeping a close eye on things I just dont feel like being scrutinized and hearing all of their negative feedback.

Well gee, I'm not much help!

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And good luck to you all! We met in Colombia a month ago. So you can get all your son's messages. Instead of assuming one of the two kids involved has problems, consider the fact that perhaps this boy is just very nice, sweet, or has other qualities that are attractive regardless of age.

lookie here:

People are talking about it like it is terrible. I agree with all of you. It doesn't make her the problem.